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Melissa Robertson (she/her)

Born in Montreal, QC

Lives & works in Tiny, ON

Robertson is a practicing artist and educator of over 20 years. An unyielding passion for art and literature has led to rewarding careers in cultural centres, art galleries and libraries - where advocacy for the arts is front and center. Robertson holds a BFA from the University of Lethbridge and an MA from University of the Arts London in the UK. She has exhibited work in Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia and London, England.

Robertson lives in Tiny, Ontario with her artist husband and joyful French Water Dog, Roxie.




The work begins with detailed graphite drawings which are overlaid with vibrant washes of ink, carefully selected print/photo collage and meticulous paper cuttings. The collage acts as a means of adding colour and texture to the work, as well as providing a counterpoint to the drawn image itself...look for the connections; the subject matter contained within the collage is often directly related to the subject of the drawing.

Vivid, seemingly textural, mixed-media drawings explore our conflicted relationships with the natural world and its resources. The work examines themes of natural land stewardship within the animal kingdom; reciprocity between species and environs; and the consequences of scarcity, abundance and human intervention within these ecosystems. The intention is to present powerful works which evoke a contemplation of our personal connections to our natural surroundings.

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